At CMC Communications, we design and install the best acoustic sound panels in Texas.

We bring the best soundproofing panels for walls and ceilings with optimal efficiency of removing noise, echoes and slap back. We can deploy the soundproofing panels for your conference rooms, offices and other large spaces that experience echoes, speech privacy and slapback.

We install acoustic sound panels to remove noise by integrating with our awesome sound treatment solutions and sound masking systems. We are a certified installer of the best sound masking system. Our acoustic sound panels come in amazing different colours that match your existing décor or can be custom printed on the fabric. The panels are super ideal for offices, conference rooms, churches, schools and just anywhere extra noise is unwanted. We offer the best prices for the different colours of our panels without compromising quality.

We offer the lowest prices around, without sacrificing performance. Our top-class sound masking service will climates reverb, echo and reduce the ambient noise in your space. Our acoustic panels have one of the highest absorption ratings available today via corning.

We offer the following:

  • Acoustic Panels Design and Installation
  • Bass Traps Installation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Soundproofing and Sound Masking
  • Acoustic Baffles Installation

At CMC Communications, we not only strategically install sound absorption materials for your space in the right places for the best result. This way, you are certain of achieving the noise reductions using our cost-effective deployment. Our sound masking and proofing materials can work in any environment where noise reduction and soundproofing is needed.

Benefits of acoustic sound panel:

  • It prevents standing sound waves
  • It reduces slap echoes
  • It helps in tightening up the bass response
  • It helps to remove lower reverberation time
  • It eliminates flutter and ringing
  • It removes boominess and acoustic interference
  • It improves stereo imaging and midrange

    Why choose our Acoustic Sound Panel?

    • They are made of excellent quality
    • We offer fast turnaround and service delivery
    • Affordable prices for the best quality
    • Widest variety of colours
    • Made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials
    • Excellent after sales support

    Top places to install Acoustic Sound Panels

    • Universities
    • Theatres
    • Church Buildings
    • Conference rooms
    • Sound Recording Studios
    • Dance Studios and Gymnasiums
    • Broadcast Studios
    • Listening Rooms
    • Restaurants and Offices
    • Stores and Retail Spaces
    • Home Theatres and Living Rooms
    • Performance Halls

    We install the best acoustic sound panels with colour styles that match your existing decor or business theme colours. Additionally, we offer custom sound panel installations. You can give us your design and we bring it to reality using the best practices.

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