We provide neat work using an excellent cable management technique

We offer professional cabling services for setting up audio/video systems for business within the cities of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio in Texas. You can get the best audio/video service at the best price. We provide neat work using an excellent cable management technique.

We have the technology to provide a cabling solution that can extend HD signals using Cat5e/6 cable. Our HDMI over Cat5e/6 cables are fully compliant with the TCP/IP standard and supports HDMI 1.3.

We offer installation services for paging systems for rapid and efficient communication within your organization. Using the best practices, we can set up a secure and discrete connection using specific frequencies for better signal broadcast.

We offer professional installation services for tv cabling.

Our Audio/Video cabling solutions include:

  • Conference Room Cabling, Design & Setup
  • Smart TV Installation and Cabling
  • Projectors Cabling
  • HDMI, Display port, VGA Cabling
  • Projector Screens
  • Projector Installation Services
  • Paging System
  • Overhead sound
  • Sound Systems
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • HDMI Over Cat6

We can put together a professional solution for your conference room using the latest technology that meets your requirements. From projector cabling to projector mounting, we can provide a solution that will enable seamless audio and video transmission in the conference room.

In addition, we can set up video features such as a Smart TV cabling solution. We have the resources and manpower to deliver a lasting solution that meets modern requirements for meeting rooms.

In addition, we provide training for use of all this equipment. We have a team of cabling experts with excellent academic records and years of field experience to coach and guide your staff members.

For the conference room cabling, we offer:

  • Smart TV
  • Projector Cabling
  • Projector Mounting
  • Training

At CMC, we understand the important roles a good Audio/Video system plays in an organization. As such, we are rightly positioned to render a flexible and scalable cabling solution that adds value to your organization.

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