At CMC Communications, we offer the best core hole drilling services in Texas.

Core hole drilling has become an essential service for several reasons. Besides the efficient and fast removal of waste, core hole drilling can make precise and accurate holes in the right spot. For this reason and more, it has come useful for a broad range of services.

Whether for new construction, remodeling or renovation, we have an accurate way of cutting through walls with precision. We follow the best practice and have the latest and sophisticated cutting tools to precisely make the hole for different purposes.

We handle coring hole services for both large and small construction purposes. When precision and accuracy matter, you can count on us to deliver far more than the regular and conventional coring. We offer a core hole drilling service with minimal vibration and high speed. Also, we can make various sizes of holes ranging from 10mm up to 1500mm thoroughly drilled any desired length.

Be it reinforced concrete, blockwork, brickwork, asphalt, and other tough materials, our team of experts understand the right tool and procedure that applies. Additionally, we follow all legal building requirements that apply in making incisions and holes for different purposes.

Save your organisation the risk of substandard results by opting for our professional service offered at the best price.

Our core hole drilling services include:

  • Coring for fiber optics cabling
  • Coring for phone wiring
  • Coring for copper cabling
  • Scan & x-ray concrete first before drilling for safety and accuracy
  • Coring for creating manholes and vaults
  • Coring for low voltage fiber and copper utility building entrances
  • Coring for wall and floor penetrations

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