Fiber optics cable is one of the most important aspects of network services in the modern generation

It offers good cost savings and high performance over long distances.

CMC Communications provides the best fiber optics cabling service in the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the neighbouring in Texas. We can work on different types of fiber optics cables such as the Single-Mode Fiber (SM) and the Multimode Fiber. Our Single Mode fiber cables can deliver speeds between 1GB to 10GB per fiber pair. They are available in both Armoured and Non-armoured. Our Single Mode fiber cabling solutions come in either OS1 or OS2. OS1 uses the tight buffer construction while OS2 uses a loose tube construction or also known as blown cable.

Our fiber optic cabling installation services are designed for telecommunications and high-performance long-distance data networks. You are guaranteed high bandwidth over long distances with our installation.