Ruckus network products have higher-end features that are designed to offer versatility to the avid network engineer

CMC Communications offers professional installation services for all Ruckus network wifi products and solutions in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and its neighbouring cities in Texas.

We offer the best installation services for Ruckus network products such as ethernet switches, access points, network controllers, cloud-managed solutions and many other network appliances at the best price. These products and solutions are available for mid-sized to large-sized enterprises such as schools, hospitals, government, and other private businesses.

We offer professional installation services for Ruckus wifi network products and solutions using the best practices to deliver scalable service that increases the competitive edge of your organization. We offer Wifi Planning, design and post wifi certification testing and troubleshooting services.

We offer installation services for these Ruckus network products and solutions:

  • Ethernet Switches – Access, Aggregation & Core
  • Access Points – Indoor, Outdoor & SMB
  • Network Controllers – for medium to large enterprises and service provider networks
  • Wi-Fi planning before installation.
  • Cloud-managed – for distributed enterprise and service provider networks
  • Network Analytics & Assurance – Powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • IoT Networking – IoT access networks and integrated solutions
  • Network Access & Policy – for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices
  • CBRS LTE – For private networks and in-building cellular

Ruckus networks design products that simplify life for IT professionals while delivering exceptional user experiences. The products and solutions from Ruckus are seamlessly integrated into any organisation’s network infrastructure.

Contact us today, let’s give you the best Ruckus network products and solutions that will meet and surpass your expectations. We are available to send you a quotation today.

Ruckus ICX switches are flexible, scalable, and simplified. This switch can combine with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points and controllers to deliver high performance. They are suitable for a fabric network, stack, or even a standalone switch. Ruckus indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points come to play when steady and reliable connectivity is required. This cost-effective access point offers high performance, user-friendly, and optimal security.

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