SIP Trunking enables calls over the internet

SIP Trunking enables calls over the internet. As simple it sounds, SIP Trunking often seems complicated to many, but it does not have to be. With SIP trunking, a provider that connects one or twenty channels thus enabling local and international calls via the internet through a PBX phone system. SIP Trunking removes the middleman and connects your phone system directly to the main carriers. This is what big telecommunication and phone companies such as Ring Central, Nextiva, Avaya Cloud Office and others often do but at a higher reseller rate.

At CMC Communications, we bring office phone systems that support work from home at an affordable price. Our business phone services include using SIP Trunking to slash down phone bills for your business. It is our ultimate goal at CMC Communication to cut your business phone bill in half or more and we mean it. In a case where this becomes challenging, in our full commitment to reduce business phone bills, we will bring you the best-priced business phone system monthly anyone can offer. You can count on us to help you reduce your office phone bills and add many other phone system features you need and never had before