CMC Communications is a professional installer of all the Ubiquiti Unifi network products and services

Ubiquiti Unifi remains one of the best producers and sellers of global standard network products and solutions. We have the latest Ubiquiti Unifi products such as Wi-Fi systems, routers, switches, VPN and many others. Ubiquiti Unifi products combine high performance,durability with extremely disruptive pricing in its industry. High quality cloud managed networking gear anyone can afford.

The Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi systems offer high-speed connectivity, security and a reliable network. These Wi-Fi systems are affordable and are applicable for several purposes. There is an available Wi-Fi system for a large enterprise network, small businesses, schools and homes.

As a professional installer in Texas, we also sell and install Ubiquiti Unifi Switches. Ubiquiti Unifi network switches are known for excellent security, speed, silent operation and high performance. The switches feature 24 to 48 Ports, PoE, 10 Gbps speed for high-speed fiber uplinks and power redundancy.