At CMC Communications we provide the best underground trenching service for fiber-optic and utility installation

In addition, our underground trenching service covers the installation of handholes, manholes and Cat 3 copper cabling such as 100-1600+ pairs for plain old telephone service (POTS).

Underground trenching is one of the core services we render in cities like Austin, Houston, and San Antonio in Texas. Trenching is a basic and traditional means of laying cable by digging and excavating varying depths and lengths of holes for the pipe to pass through. We offer the best underground trenching by applying best practices and optimizing available resources to suit your organization needs.

Besides communication companies

Our professional underground trenching services are also applicable to new construction sites, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools & campuses, estate buildings, hotels and many other buildings that require underground cabling. Furthermore, we take up the contract to dig open trenches of various depths and lengths creating a befitting space for laying conduits or pipelines. Our team of professional installers will work with you beginning from the idea conceptualization to the successful completion of the project.

Our underground trenching service offers a great advantage for a relatively open property. It is a more cost-effective method of cabling compared to directional boring even though they serve a similar purpose but for different circumstances. We offer the best price for any of our services.

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