Looking for the best voice and data cabling service in the cities of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston in Texas?

CMC Communications is the right company for you! We offer the best voice and data cabling services that comply with the City and State regulatory requirements.

Our professional cabling installation service will ensure uninterrupted business communication in your organization. Our team of experienced phone wiring experts can handle all kinds of phone wiring with the best practices at the best price.

We offer POTS lines (Plain old telephone service) installation with 568A method of terminations

We provide POTS line cross-connect services, interconnections wiring and cabling installations. Additionally, we install FAX lines that meet your business demands. We install 50 pair Cat3 cables size up to 1600 Cat3/Cat5e. For both outside and inside plant applications, we offer a copper splicing service.

Our team of phone wiring experts will maintain excellent communication from the start to the finish of your project. We are poised to provide the best phone wiring service using the best cost-effective methods. We offer the latest trends in cabling technology such as plenum, category 5E and as well as category 6. So, whether you are moving, adding or changing phones cables, let me give you a job that meets all regulatory requirements.

Our phone wiring services include:

  • POTS lines
  • FAX lines
  • Telephone jacks
  • Phone wiring repairs
  • Phone wiring upgrades
  • Business Intercom wiring
  • VOIP Phone systems
  • Copper splicing service

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