CMC Communication offers the best Wi-Fi system design and installations that meet your business needs

Using your business network demands, we can design and deploy a befitting Wi-Fi system that fits your organization’s network budget. As a professional installer, we consider your business network needs and budget, then propose a Wi-Fi design system that’s scalable, affordable and supports your business goals.

The NetAlly Aircheck G2 and AirMagnet Survey PRO work together to provide active and passive testing of existing Wi-Fi systems and can certify existing Wi-Fi systems. The NetAlly Planner software provides accurate designing and deployment of Wi-Fi network systems. Using existing algorithums for Wi-Fi AP’s, to scale predictive 3D model design drawing with click to show what AP we are using and click to represent what materials walls, ceiling and other building materials are made up, this is the most streamlined and well thought Wi-Fi planning tool money can buy. Using the right tool and experienced experts, we can design and install enterprise Wi-Fi network systems that support your business goals. We follow the best practices and maintain top standards that are obtainable in the industry.

Our Wi-Fi system design services include:

  • Wi-Fi network system testing
  • Wi-Fi network system certification
  • Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi systems installation
  • Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi systems installation
  • Aruba Wi-Fi systems installation
  • FortiGate Wi-Fi systems installation
  • Outside and Inside Plant Wi-Fi system installation
  • Router and Switches Installation
  • Wi-Fi network test and turn up program
  • Installation of Wi-Fi network appliances

We are the best professional installation services in Texas with offices in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. You can count on us to give you the best Wi-Fi system tailored specifically to your network needs at the best price.

With our NetAlly AirMagnet Planner, we provide professional installation service for Wi-Fi network designs. We carry out Wi-Fi network testing, re-Wi-Fi design as well as Wi-Fi system certification testing. In addition, we carry out both active and passive Wi-Fi network testing. You can discover more here (links to the Wi-Fi testing page).

CMC Communications provides installation services for Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi systems, Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi systems, Aruba Wi-Fi systems and FortiGate Wi-Fi systems. We follow the best practices, use the right tools and have experienced hands in all our installation services. Thus, ensuring getting it right the first time saves avoidable cost and time of installation. We offer our Wi-Fi installation services at the best price.

At CMC Communications, we install, test, certify all your Wi-Fi system and network cabling. We have the right tools and experts to install, test and certify your Wi-Fi network system. We equally install the best network routers, switches, and wireless access points. Also, we can run fiber backhauls for both inside and outside plants. Whether it is a simple Wi-Fi system for a normal office building or a wide area Wi-Fi system like a campus, we have the necessary tools and the personnel required to get it done. We handle Wi-Fi system or fiber optics cabling for both outside and inside plant installations service.

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